The Trouble with English and how to Address it a Practical Guide to Designing and Delivering a Concept Led Curriculum

Helman, Zoe

The Trouble with English and how to Address it a Practical Guide to Designing and Delivering a Concept Led Curriculum - London : Routledge, 2022 - xvi, 182 p. : ill

Includes Bibliographical References and Index

Table of Contents


Mary Myatt


1.Persistent problems in English

2. How do pupils make meaning in English?

3. Teaching abstract concepts

4. What are the implications for English curriculum design?

5. Curating a curriculum

6. How should the curriculum be assessed?

7. Evidence-informed approaches to enacting the curriculum

8. How should we implement change?

9. Resource design – supporting teachers to enact the curriculum

10. How can we measure impact?

11. Sustaining high standards

Conclusion: A Vision for English



David Didau

This essential book will help English teachers to address the challenges and opportunities in creating a powerful, knowledge-rich, concept-led curriculum, which draws on lived experience and engages with cognitive science and other educational research. It explores persistent problems in the teaching of English, why we have struggled to address them and how we can go about creating a curriculum which enables all pupils to achieve.

Written by experienced English teachers and teacher educators, the book empowers teachers to reclaim their subject as one which has the power to change lives, and to deliver it with passion and authenticity. The Trouble with English and How to Address It contains:

A detailed exploration of the challenges English teachers face in designing and delivering a rigorous, coherent, sequenced curriculum

An overview of the implications of cognitive science research for the teaching of English

Approaches to building a powerful, knowledge-rich curriculum which encompasses concepts, contexts and content in English

Suggestions for how to use curriculum design and implementation as a training opportunity in departments

Practical strategies for English teachers which provide the link between cognitive science research and their classroom practice

To equip leaders and classroom teachers with everything they might need to improve their provision, this book provides a forensic account of what to change, why and how, moving from the big picture into fine details about what we might see in a highly successful English classroom.


Curriculum Planning
English Language Study and Teaching
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