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Due Date for Book Bank - 12th February 2024

Please make sure to return books before due date as penalty will be charged on Overdue Books.
Published on 30/01/2024 • Show all news
Log in to your account: Log in with Google

If you do not have a Google account, but do have a local account, you can still log in:

Why Log in? To make use of personalized services like Online Renewal of Books, etc

"Login with Google"
is the preferred Method and ANY
Library member with NED Cloud Account may use this Option.
Can't Log in? Please send an email to naveen@cloud.neduet.edu.pk with your Cloud Email Address and Potrtal ID (for Students) / Pers No (Faculty or Employees) for registration. 

"Local Log in Facility" is optionally available for non student members who do not have a NED Cloud Account. Kindly contact Circulation Desk (Ext 2256) in this regard.

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